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The Best Google Doodles Of 2012: Jan-Apr

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Some impressive logos that have made it to the Google home page these past few months.

For the past couple of years, Google has managed to wow us with some interesting and interactive Google Doodles . Some of the notable ones worth checkingout from the past, include the 30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN Doodle , which was put up on 21st May, 2010; the interactive Les Paul ‘s 96th birthday Doodle that went live on 9th June, 2011,and the Total Lunar Eclipse Doodle that was featured on 15th June, 2011.
Let us take a look at some interesting logos, which made us look twice this year.
The Largest Snowflake Falls

The Guinness Book of World Records attributes the title of the world’s largest snowflake to a 15″ wide and 8″ thick flake that fell on theEarth at Fort Keogh, Montana on 28th Jan, 1887. Celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, Google’s doodle featured a huge snow flake that ascended on the second “o”of the logo, setting the birds sitting on the “e” in flight, with a mooing cow in the foreground completing the doodle. The doodle appeared only for users in US, Canada, and UK. Not the best of the lot, but quite interesting, especially if younotice the amount of details that the doodle offers.
Love Is In The Air

The first impressive animated doodle of the year appeared on 14th Feb, 2012, which also happens tobe Valentine’s Day . Apart from an interesting story that runs through the video , you can listen to “Cold, Cold Heart” by Tony Bennett playing in the background. Interestingly, the video talks about the perfect love,which doesn’t limit itself to the best gift. It ends with snapshots of all kinds of couples; same gender ones,the fairytale frog and her princess, cats and dogs, and even milk and cookies.

The Horse in Motion

British photographer Eadweard J. Muybridge , whois widely considered the pioneer in motion picture technology, was born on 9thApril 1830. To commemorate his 182nd birthday, Google put up a video depicting galloping horses . Muybridge developed this as a study to find out if all four feet of a horse set off the ground at the same time while trotting. The study is popularly known as Sallie Gardner at a Gallop , and thisclip was shown on a Zoopraxiscope , a motion picture device developed bythe photographer himself.

Earth Day 2012

The world celebrates Earth Day on the 22nd April, and this year Google pitched in with an interactive doodle onit home page. This was probably the least impressive animated doodle this year, but it’s interactivenonetheless. Unlike computer generated graphics, the doodle comprised of snapshots of areal garden, where flowers had been placed artificially. The final logo resembles a barren garden that eventually grows flowers.

Zip Up Your Curiosity

The most impressive doodle for the year till date has to be the one celebrating Gideon Sundbäck ‘s 132nd Birthday , which went live on 24th April, 2012. The interactive doodle celebrated the birthday of the Swedish-American electrical engineer, who is famously known for inventing the zipper. The doodle was a huge zipper running across the screen that unzipped to reveal more about Sundbäck. This is by far the most innovative doodle till date, which makes us even more curious to find out what the search giant has in store for us over the next four months.
Which of the above Google doodles do you like best?

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Download Super Mario 3: Mario Forever

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Help the iconic plumber rescue the Princess across eight different worlds in this free, fan-made game.

The Super Mario Brothers need no introduction; almosteveryone who has played or heard about video gamesin the past three decades, has in all likelness come across the duo of adventurous plumbers. The side-scrolling game that hasappeared on several platforms, has a very well-made iteration known as Super Mario 3: Mario Forever . True to the original gameplay, this PC port is a classic remake thatmust not be missed. Your goal, is to play as the friendly plumber and guide him through 8 different worlds. In your adventure, you must go through countless monsters and obstacles to help Mario defeat the evil Koopa and save Princess Peach . Thankfully, you will be provided with pleasant background music from the original game, to cheer you up.
Graphics have been revamped and you will experience smoother scrolling than you would have before. In addition to a few new enemies, you are also provided the option to save game, which was not available in the console version. Download and play this addictive freeware game, jump through pipes and collect coins, and get ready to go down the nostalgic memory lane.
Developer: Softendo
Size: 18.6 MB
Licence: Freeware
Platform: PC

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UC Browser 8.3 Official Version For Java To be Released Tomorrow

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Officially UC Admin Team Have confirmed that UC 8.3 final For Java Will be released Tomorrow.
Splash Screen:

What is new?
Online Disk: Free online memory space,manage your files freely!
App Center: Offer the useful applications for you!
Support the GIF: Enjoy the GIF animations on the pages!
Source: UC Forum
Download Latest Version Of all OS :

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Touchscreens Help Save Lives In Hospitals

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System using capacitance touch, RFID, and proximity sensors helps prevent deadly hospital infections.
It may come across as a shock, but your hands harbour more germs than a toilet seat. When healthcare professionals fail to sanitisetheir hands thoroughly in hospital, it leads to Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) – strains of drug resistant superbugs that have been claimed to kill more patients than breast cancer, HIV and car accidents combined.
Recent studies show that healthcare providers fail to sanitise their hands, 60% of the time. Safe-Hands Hygiene Monitoring System aims to reduce the risk of such infections by employingmodern electronic sensors that can monitor doctors’ and nurses’ hygiene practices.

The system uses a combination of RFID tags, proximity, and capacitance touch sensors, to tell when the patient or his surroundings have been touched by a medical professional. These instances can then be logged to monitor hygiene practices of individuals. Any violation can be flagged andrecorded, which will ensure better compliance.
Now who would have imagined that smartphone touchscreen tech could be used to save lives?

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Nokia 808 PureView Set For A May Launch In India

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However, pricing details for the 41 MP, 4″, and Symbian Belle based camera phone are still awaited.

Nokia has confirmed through a press release that it will launch its latest smartphone, 808 PureView , in select markets, including India. The new phone has been a subject of wonder around with world because of its extraordinary 41 MP image sensor that claims to capture 1080p videos and play it back with 4x losslesszoom, thanks to the PureView Pro image processor. The highly anticipated device has already won several awards, including Best Mobile Device at the Mobile World Congress 2012 and Best Imaging Innovation for 2012 from the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA).

Company Head of Smart Devices, Jo Harlow said, “PureView has completely raised the bar on imaging performance for the whole smartphone industry – and Nokia is not stopping here. We’re going to carry on developing PureView for our future smartphones in ways that will again revolutionize the imaging experience” . Imaging and multimedia is stated to be the forte of this mobile. In addition to the large image sensor, the 808PureView features Carl Zeiss optics and new pixel oversampling technology that allows lossless zoomingat standard resolutions and the ability to zoom, reframe,crop, and resize 38 MP high-res images. It also has Rich Recording that claims tobe capable of recording audio with CD-like quality.
This Symbian Belle phone sports a 4″ AMOLED ClearBlack screen with pixel dimensions 640×360. Some of the other features include, GPS, 3D accelerometer, HDMI, DLNA, Wi-Fi, and NFC. Users can also download a free Channel ME app that lets them create their own channel using videos shoot with the gadget, and start sharing with the world. You can even broadcast live videos directly using the app. To know a bit more about the device, you can take a look at the hands-on preview we did a few weeks ago. Nokia has not yet announced the pricing of this new smartphone, although the product page for India is live. We estimatethat the cost would be somewhere around Rs 35,000, although we think that a price tag of just under 30k would help it sell a lot better.
Would you buy the Nokia 808 PureView at this estimated price? What price do you think would be suitable for this smartphone?

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Angry Birds Space Crosses 50 Million Downloads In 35 Days!

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Angry Birds Space has reportedly reached 50 million downloads within 35 days of its launch in March , this year. The addictive game that has users flinging a pack of angry birds to decimate a gang of pigs, who have stolen their eggs,has created quite a rush, ever since it was launched.

The official Rovio blog has claimed that this game is the fastest growing game yet and that it has broken all previous records. The developers expressed gratitude to fans of the franchise saying, “While numbers like this certainly say something about the popularity of Angry Birds, for us the main goal is to keep creating fun new experiences that everybodycan enjoy! ”
Angry Birds Space has been released for almost every mobile platform such as iOS , Android , Windows Phone , and BlackBerry, along with social media network including Facebook , which gives you a hint of the popularity of this game. The press release ends with thewords: “Something even bigger is on its way! Stay tuned and keep flinging those Birds!”, makes me think that the best is yet to come. Have a look at the video to find out what makes this game so special and addictive

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The 5 Biggest Weaknesses Of Windows Phone

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Some blatant omissions and issues that plague Microsoft’s mobile OS

Windows Phone (WP) has been at the receiving end ofas much criticism as praise ever since it was launched. While there is no doubt that this is a promising new mobile phone operating system, there are many things glaringly left to be done. We had discussed lastweek about how this new kidon the block will succeed by mentioning five reasons for the same. In this article, we present an alternative perspective about the new OS, where we will state five problems with WP that will make it difficult to succeed against its rivals.
Lack Of Apps
With just over 80,000 apps,the Marketplace is far behind its more experienced competitors. If we even discount the numbers, there are quite a few apps that are found to be missing on this platform. Skype had been missing for quite some time, and although it has just been added, it clearly lacks the fine sse sported by its iOS or Android versions. Opera browser is still not available for this platform, even though it had long been available as Opera Mini as well as Opera Mobile for Windows Mobile platform. Video streaming apps that let you play streaming videos from your computer, directly to the phone, are still missing, with the rare exception of some experimental app called Tversity Remote . With the Windows Mobile Marketplaceshutting down this month, we hope that the company will focus its attention towards the current state of its application store.
No Support For Flash
While many would argue thatthe world is moving towardsHTML5, it is still a fact that almost every video streaming site uses Flash and this should not be ignored. Lacking support forthis API and not implementing a workaround to be able to view streaming videos from such sites leaves a vast majority out in the lurch, while competing mobile OSs such as Android support this feature.
Too Many Restrictions
There are many fields in which unnecessary restrictions have been applied in WP devices. It has Bluetooth that is only useful for streaming audio, but you are not allowed to transfer files to other Bluetooth devices; a limitation shared by the iPhone . Memory card is not supported officially, and you have to depend on the inbuilt storage that is usually 8 or 16 GB. In this age of HD movies and large apps, this space gets filled up before you even notice. Files cannot be drag-and-dropped; you need Zune installed on the computer to which you connect the phoneto be able to do that.
Limited Format Media Playback
Windows Phone devices have a very limited video and audio format support. As mentioned earlier, you can only transfer videos to the phone using Zune software installed on the PC.The format choice is therefore limited to those that are recognised by Zune. You cannot hope to play popular file formats such as MKV and M2TS. HD media playback is also restricted to 720p, and 1080p is still unavailable. While WP devices support DLNA, TV-out has also been largely ignored, so non-DLNA televisions cannot play videos directly from the phone.
Internet Explorer Woes
Internet Explorer in WP devices is no doubt one of the better mobile web browsers at present. It is based on the same core as the desktop version of IE, and hence the better rendering. However, it still has quite a few rough edges to smoothen. The browser does not seem to cache pages as you surf. You can easily notice this on a slower connection when you go from one page to anotherand hit the Back button, onlyto see the previous page being downloaded again. You can bookmark pages, but you cannot save them to view them offline later. The browser does not seem to have a text search feature,leaving you to manually scroll through the text to locate a term.
Windows Phone is a comparatively new platform and we only hope that it will iron out the above issues with the next release of the mobile OS.

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India At #5 On List Of Cybercrime-Affected Countries

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McAfee report blames Indians give low priority to internet privacy, contradicts Norton’s earlier survey.
India has been ranked as the 5th most affected country by cyber crimes, according to a joint study by McAfee and the Security and Defence Agenda (SDA) basedin Brussels. In a report titled Cyber Security: The Vexed Question of Global Rules , states that the country gives low importance to internet privacy, in general. The SDA hopes that these findings would offer useful recommendations and actions to improve the situation. Officials from the National Security Committee claimed at the Cyber Security Summit , which concluded recently in Bangalore, that the government is currently looking at capacity building, as a first step in drafting the national security policy that is being discussed at present.
The study further elaborates that India is well aware that its reputation as a country, which deals with foreign investors relying oncyber security, is adverselyaffected due to cyber crimes. It points to the lack of a single authority commanding effective controlon the internet, telecom, andpower sector. Communications and IT Minister of State, Sachin Pilot ‘s statement that 133 government websites were hacked in the first three months of this year furthersthe claim, about how grave the security situation on theinternet is in our country. In the wake of earlier reports about how thousands of Indian websites were hacked, we’re hard-pressedto agree. However, we are not so sure about the claims about internet privacy being given low priority, especiallywhen considering an earlier report stating just the opposite.

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Samsung Offers Prize Money Of 21.5 Crores For App Contest

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Smart App Challenge 2012 will award prizes to 80 app developers for its GALAXY devices.
It’s a good time to be a developer. If you love developing smartphone apps, you definitely want to check out Samsung SmartApp Challenge 2012 . Thiscontest is a part of the Korean electronics giant’sendeavour to promote quality applications for the
GALAXY Tab and GALAXYNote . A prize money of $4.08 million (Rs 21.5 croresapprox.) will be given out to80 winning entries.
The contest is divided into two categories – SamsungApps Super Apps and
Best S Pen Apps (for theGALAXY Note). The formercategory will see 30 gamingand 30 non-gaming appstake away prizes, whereasthe latter will select 20prize-winning entries thatuse the S Pen ‘sfunctionality in “interestingand experiential ways” .
The contest is open to allmobile app developers,worldwide. You canparticipate by visiting the
App Challenge website andregistering your apps.

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airtel 4G Launches In Bengaluru

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Plans start from Rs 1000 per month for 6 GB of data.
Last month airtel launched its 4G services in Kolkata and Bengaluru was next in the line. The 4G LTE services for the IT hub of India has now been launched . The service also introduced Smartbytes for 4G , which is a top-up plan that offers flexibility to subscribers who exhaust their data limits quickly, and need moreon the go.
Moreover with talks of 2G services getting dearer, coupled with already expensive 3G connections, the company has come up with a cashback offer for the CPE / dongle, which will make the device practically free. Additionally, airtel has added a 30 GB pack startingat Rs 3000, which is yet to debut in the Kolkata circle.
Apart from that, subscriberscan pick from over 35 Bollywood movies to stream using their 4G connection. From these, 10 titles will be free for the first month, after which the service can be used by paying a monthlysubscription of Rs 150. Moreadditions to the list are expected soon.
airtel also owns the BWA ( Broadband Wireless Access ) license for Punjab, Maharashtra (excluding Mumbai), Kolkata, and Karnataka, so we can assume the next stop for the company to roll out 4G services will be Maharashtra.
The tariff for Bengaluru circle is set as follows:
The Smartbytes postpaid 4Gtop-up plans are as follows:

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