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Earth-like rocky planets May be Common in Universe

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Earth-like rocky planets that humans could live on may be more common in the universe than stars, says an international team of planetary scientists which included an Indian-origin researcher.
Aditya Chopra at Australian National University and colleagues claim that determining whether these planets are habitable has become the new holy grail of astronomy.
“The new-found abundance of planets, combined with the much larger range of inhabited terrestrial environments suggests that habitable planets are common. This increases the probability of finding some kind of extra terrestrial life,” said Charley Lineweaver, who led the team.
Chopra said the best estimates of habitability comefrom the planet we know best– Earth.
“By comparing the inhabited and uninhabited regions of Earth, we can identify the most important factors that determine habitability. For terrestrial life, those factors are liquid water, a narrow range of temperature, and anenergy source,” he said in a university release.
Dr Lineweaver added:”Habitability is not just a question of abiotic environmental conditions — the presence of life may be required to maintain the habitability of a planet over billions of years.
“Planetary habitability is a complex and confusing concept that we are only beginning to get our heads around, but as a species thatwants to survive, it is in our interest to get our heads around it soon.”
The findings have been published in the ‘Annual Reviews of Earth and Planetary Sciences’ journal.

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Nimbuzz opens up its messenger API

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Nimbuzz, the instant messaging application, today announced the opening up of its Messenger API with the launch of Chat Buddy Developer Program (CBDP). This initiative is expected to help brands,publishers and independent developers get access to the 90 million Nimbuzz users from across 200+ countries.

The CBDP allows developers to build chat buddies acrossvarious verticals such as Cricket, astrology, shopping, games, news, besides utilities such as ticketing, movie reviews,classifieds, etc. Nimbuzz has launched a separate section, Nimbuzz Developers to help handhold the developers, trying togain the first mover advantage on one of the biggest mobile platforms.

Nimbuzz has also collaborated with the following brands and publishers to increase their catalogue of Chat Buddies in nWorld, the Nimbuzz App store:
*IBNLive for news update
*Cricbuzz for live cricket
*Update Twitter for tweeting from within Nimbuzz Vantage trade for stock updates Wikipedia for ready-information Youtube for searching & viewing videos, IMDB for movies reviews, Car Dekho for car prices & reviews Price Dekho for price comparison, Future Dekho for astrology update.

Besides these, Nimbuzz expects to add another 25 chat buddies developed by preferred partners in the next one month. NWorld also hosts Social Games, Virtual Gifts, and Avatars. Jamshed V Rajan, Chief Product Officer, Nimbuzz said, “Nimbuzz Chat Buddy Developer Program has been created with the objective of building a developer community which can benefit from the ever growing Nimbuzz user base. We look forward to some exciting chat buddies in our eco system, driven by passionate developers, brands and publishers. With a daily average session time of more than 55 minutes peruser, Nimbuzz is an appropriate vehicle for adeveloper ecosystem to flourish within a mobile application.”

Nimbuzz says that brands benefit by havingaccess to 90 million Nimbuzzers worldwide aswell as have a higher penetration to the target users who spend at least55 minutes on an average every day. What Nimbuzz promises is that it will handhold developers through the development process, maximise the return on investments, share feedback through statistics showing the performance of each ChatBuddy and provide support to improve the performance of your ChatBuddy.

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Nokia Announces Dual-SIM Asha 202 For ₹ 4200

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Series 40 phone features a 2.4″ screen, 2 MP camera, and touch-and-type interface.

Nokia has announced the latest addition to its entry-level phone range, the Asha202 . The phone is based on the Series 40 platform and features a touch-and-type interface. Additionally, it accommodates two GSM SIM cards.

The device comes with a 3.2″ 2.4″ screen, with pixel dimensions of 320×240. Apart from that, it features a 2 MP camera, music player, FM radio, Bluetooth, microSD card slot, and a 1020 mAh battery.

The cellphone giant has teamed up with Aircel, Airtel, Reliance, Tata Docomo, and Vodafone to offer 100 MB free data plan for six months. The gadget comes pre-loaded with the Nokia browser and the popular chat client, Nimbuzz . Additionally, the Ovi Store will offer 40 EA games including Testris, Need for Speed, and Bejeweled to be downloaded for free.
The Asha 202 will cost around ₹ 4200 and will be available in black, white, grey, and red hues. Although there’s no official word on its launch date, it’s likely to be out within a month

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Download: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin)

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Long-Term Support release sports user-friendly Unity interface and better battery optimisation.

The latest release of Ubuntu, dubbed Precise Pangolin , is available for download now. Officially known as Ubuntu 12.04 LTS , the LTS suffix denotes a Long-Term Support release. Unlike regular incremental versions, LTS releases receive official updates for a longer duration. Precise Pangolin will be supported for a good five years. The latest version brings quite afew revisions. For starters, the Gnome Desktop UI has been replaced with the moreintuitive and beginner-friendly Unity interface.
Another noteworthy UI addition is the HUD (Heads-Up Display), which does away with complicated menu hierarchies, to make way fora simple search box that’s activated by pressing the key. This makes it easy for Linux newbies, but will nonetheless invoke the wrath of old-schoolers. On the bright side though, this iteration plays well with portable devices, thanks to better battery optimisation providing longer run times.

Developer: Canonical
Size: 701 MB
Licence: Free (GNU GPL)
Platform: PC

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Mercury Announces iXA Tab Priced At ₹4000

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Low-cost tablet running Android 2.3 has a 7″ screen and front camera, available from 23rd May.

After its mTab range of tablets, Mercury has now launched the iXA Tab, at a considerably lower price of Rs 4000. This Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) device is powered by a 1 GHz CPU and 512 MB of RAM, which should be good enough to run the OS comfortably. The tab hasa 7″ touchscreen, albeit resistive, which is a price you have to pay for cost-cutting. The in-built capacity of 4 GB that can be augmented up to 32 GB via microSD card. Video calling isalso possible, thanks to a VGA front-facing camera.
Connectivity is possible using Wi-Fi, allowing you to access internet, emails, and work while you are mobile. You can also listen to music and watch videos in a wide range of file formats. Optional accessories such as USB keyboard, can even turn this tablet into a netbook. Being an Android Gingerbread tablet, you get access to the Google Play Store , where you can download from thousands of apps. The iXA Tab has been announced as a limited edition product, and will be available for bookings from 23rd May, 2012.

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Vodafone And airtel Users Can Now Pay For Nokia Apps Via Their Monthly Bills

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Will also include in-app purchases; could lead to sharp rise in unauthorised billing.

If you are a Vodafone or airtel subscriber owning a Nokia handset, then you can now download content from Nokia’s content store , and pay for it through your monthly mobile phone bills. If you are a prepaid customer instead, the amount will be taken off from your balance talktime. This move will offer respite to those who are uncomfortable using credit cards to purchase apps from the store.
The store features over one lakh apps and content modules, and the company suggests that its India store caters to over than 60 million downloads a month. Until now, consumers could purchase premium content only using credit cards. Moreover, subscribers of these two service providers will also be able to avail”in-app” purchases along with additional price points, all through their monthly bills. Having said that though, people would now have to be doubly careful about the apps they download, considering that they will find out about purchases only after the bill comes in.
Looking at how Apple is facing severe criticism about its in-app billing mechanism , make sure you keep a check on how you use your handset, or you just might end up with an inflated bill, with purchases you didn’t want to make in the first place.

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UC Browser 8.3 Cloud Version(Test) Is Online

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UC Browser CLOUD VERSION for Java enters Open Beta Phase now!

This version is the cloud experimental version for Javaphones.It can coexist with universal version of uc browser.
1.It has two different kinds of menu mode suitable for touch screen phones and non touchcreen phones.It will bring you new experience
2.The install pack get smaller in size,and browser will run more smoothly
3.Automatically match the language data for your browser,no need to choose it manually.And you can switch the language data at any time.
4.Support UDisk
5.Supports GIF animation has App Gallery as new feature
Confirmed Problems:
1.when you go back to the home page from some other page,there would be two hightlights at the same time on the homepage
2.There are some problem in displaying the folding bar at the home page
3.If the picture displayed on the page in a large size,and when you scrolling down the page,the screen would be blurred out
4.When you open the tab list on the Nokia touch-screen phones,some functions cannot work.
Download Jar
Download Jad
Author: Grace(UC admin)
Source: UC Forum

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ViewSonic Launches World’s First Dual-SIM 3G Smartphone, Costs ₹10,000

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Android 2.3 based ViewPhone 3 has a 3.5″ touchscreen and 5 MP camera.

Viewsonic has launched the world’s first dual-SIM 3G smartphone with dual-standby capabilities, the ViewPhone 3 . The Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) handset features a 3.5″ multitouch display with pixel dimensions of 320×480 and sports the TouchPal virtual keyboard. Powered by a 800MHz CPU, this phone supports HSDPA protocol, allowing fast download speeds up to 7.2 Mbps. The 5 MP autofocus rear camera takes care of still and videoimaging. With 512 MB of RAM,the storage capacity can be expanded up to 32 GB usingmicroSD card.
The ViewPhone 3 comes encased in black leather-finish back cover to give it a distinct look. Other features include Wi-Fi (with hotspot capability), Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, GPS (with AGPS), 3.5 mm audio jack, G-sensor, E-compass,and 1500 mAh battery. Just like its predecessor, it has ViewScene 3D for a rich animated interface. You can also access thousands of apps on the Google Play Store and make the phone more usable.

The ViewPhone3 is available exclusively at all Reliance Digital outlets across India at Rs 10,000

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Evolution Of Android: From Angel Cake To Ice Cream Sandwich

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How the world’s most popular mobile platform got sweeter with each serving.

The Android OS is currently dominating the smartphone market. Its share in tablet space has also been noteworthy. Have you ever wondered, how it all started? Contrary to assumptions, this OS was the product of a lesser known startup called Android Inc . This small company was then bought by Google for pursuing its smartphone ambitions. The search giant has since added many products and ideas to the platform, and befriended the OHA ( Open Handset Alliance ) alongside brands such as LG, HTC, T-Mobile, Samsung,Motorola, and Intel .

The first consumer friendly iteration of the OS was called Angel Cake . Interestingly, Google has named all the versions in an alphabetic order.

Android 1.0 (Angel Cake)

The first version of the open source software was released back in 2008. The OS along with its launch device, HTC Hero (also known as T-Mobile G1 ) was received very positively by the reviewers. The platform grabbed eye-balls of the developer community in no time. After that, the only way Android could go, was up.

Android 1.1 (Battenberg)
In Feb 2009, version 1.1 was released. Although it took almost a year to materialise, it wasn’t a major update. The Battenberg, only ironed out existing bugs and allowed users to save attached documents. In addition to that, the software was also optimised to run smoother. It was after this update that the development of this open-source software picked up speed.

Android 1.5 (Cupcake

Launched in April 2009, Cupcake offered video recording capabilities, widget support, and animated transition effects. The OS also got the A2DP profile, which enables stereo Bluetooth support. The onscreen keyboard recieved text prediction, and the users could now upload content directly to sites such as YouTube and Picasa .

Android 1.6 (Donut

The third and last software update of 2009, Donut, camein out September. It brought many improvements to the Android Market . It also introduced the Mark All option in the gallery. Additionally, screens with 800×480 were also supported by the platform. Apart from that, the OS also made way for voice search functionality.

Android 2.0 / 2.1 (Eclair)

Eclair came with a revamped UI and support for animated wallpapers. Camera features including digital zoom, macro, and white balance were added. The browser got a facelift and HTML5 support. Additionally, Bluetooth support was bumped up to version 2.1.

Android 2.2 (Froyo)

Released in the summer of 2010, Froyo was a huge improvement over its predecessor in terms of performance. The users could now finally install the apps on a memory card. Additionally, support for 720p screens, USB and Wi-Fi tethering made it to Android. With the Adobe Flash 10.1 integration, devices running on this OS could handle web videos through the browser.

Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

Gingerbread landed by the end of 2010. This version ofthe Android offered the support for relatively large screen-sizes, gyroscopes, and even barometers. It also brought native internet telephony and video chat capabilities. Google also introduced the much-hyped NFC (Near Field Communications) feature along with improved power management.

Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)
For the first time Google released a software that was totally focused on tablets. This version, released in 2011, came up with a fresh UI that depended more on software buttons. It also introduced hardware acceleration to the platform. On the multimedia front, the OS could support FLAC files. Moreover, it supported external input devices such as keyboards and mice.

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0)

In 2011, Google took a U-turn from it’s earlier vision of having two different versions of Android, one for tablets andother for the smartphones. The latest Android 4.0 is designed to play nice with both phones as well as slates. This update is claimed to be the most en

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Download: K9 Web Protection Browser (Android)

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Free mobile browser protects your kids from porn, phishing, and malicious content.
Tablets and smartphones usage isn’t just restricted toadults; kids these days have easy access to the internet through these devices too. The downside to that are the obvious dangers of being exposed to the dark underbelly of theinternet. Android users will be glad to know that Blue Coat Systems ‘ K9 Web Protection browser aims to keep their kids safe.
It is available for free from the Google Play Store , and iscompatible with all Android tablets and smartphones. The browser is already available for iOS devices. Once installed it screens outmalicious content, phishing attacks, and offers real-time filtering of materialinappropriate for children such as pornography, hate\ violence, drugs, and gambling.
Mind you, no security measure is perfect – clean content can get inadvertently blocked, whereas malicious websites can fly under the radar as well. Installing content screening apps doesn’t absolve you from your duties as a parent. So make sure you keep a close eye on your kids, especially when they are logged on to the internet.
Developer: Blue Coat Systems

Version: 1.0.41.
Size: 16 MB
Licence: Freeware
Platform: Android 2.3 and above

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