Google Sends Notice to Sites Converting YouTube videos to mp3

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Google is coming down heavily on websites that offer to convert YouTube videos for download as MP3s. It seems that after the services offered by these websites appeared to be in sharp contrast to YouTube’s terms of service, the search giant decided it was time to take some action.

One such website, received a letterfrom Google, asking themto stop offering such services and have giventhem seven days to comply, failing which would cause them to facelegal consequences.

In fact,’s servers have been blocked from accessing the popular video service from Google.The letter, dated June 8, reportedly has been seen by TorrentFreak who state that it was written by Harris Cohen, a YouTubeassociate product counsel and is addressed to the site ( owner, Philip. In his letter, Cohen writes that offering any kind of service “that allows YouTube content to be downloaded (as opposed to simply streamed) is prohibited.” Cohen, according to the letter further highlighted that, ““separate, isolate, or modify the audio or videocomponents of any YouTube audiovisual content made available through the YouTube API” is forbidden, as is externally storing copiesof YouTube content.”

Another website, Music-Clips.netalso reportedly has received a letter from Google, which can be viewed in the image below.

YouTube-MP3.orghas in a detailed post, laid barethe website’s functioning and have gone ahead and clarified a host of facets, which include –
– We never used the YouTube API to pull any videos from them.
– We truely believe that our service is legal. German Courts have ruled that an online recording tool is not different from any tv recorder or something compareable.
– The German Department of Justice publicly adviced to download content off YouTube.
– Press contact:”

A detailed note by the site owner, Philip, followsthe list of Clarifications on the website and reads-

To our users,

A few days ago we have received a cease and desist letter from Harris Cohen who is one of YouTube lawyers. Googleis accusing us to threaten your safety andwanted us to close this service. If we wouldn’t comply they threatened to sue us. Unfortunately Google has just blocked all of our servers from accessing YouTube so we had to disable all conversion functionality.

We refused to close this service and asked if would be possible to speak to an YouTube representative for finding a solution that would be in the interest of all our users. Since there are tens of millionsof real people using this service we thought Google would be willing tohave a quick chat. But the opposite was the case: There was no interest whatsoever for a simple call; they don’t care about all these people that want to use such a service. We wouldestimate that there are roughly 200 million people across the world that make use of services like ours and Google doesn’t just ignore all those people they are about to criminalize them. With theway they are interpretingand created their TOS everyone of those 200 million users is threatened to be sued byGoogle.

We never put any of ourusers at risk and have taken measures to protect them from all sorts of threats. Those measures did cost us a lot of money but we didn’tcare about that because we have never been profit-oriented but user-oriented.

To read the entire note, click here.

The TorrentFreak reportfurther adds that as per Google’s DoubleClick service, YouTube-MP3.orgdraws in some 1.3 million visitors each day – a number showing just how popular the service is among users.

Interestingly, a YouTube application for Google Chrome allows users to download a particular video in the MP3 format, as can be seen in the image below.

Sites like,, Music-Clips.netare aplenty on the Internet, and at the moment, it seem like Google’s letter is part of the search giant’s larger goal which is to put an end to all similar services online.


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I really love Youtube because i can watch GagnNam syle.,

<a href="My personal blog page

This is good step taken by google because youtube file takes more size and time to download b,but mp3 file takes less as compare to this.

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