Nokia Lumia 610 launched with price tag of ₹12,999

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Nokia has launched the long awaited entry level phone of its Windows Phone based Lumia series.

Nokia has launched itsentry level phone of the Windows Phone operating system based Lumia series. Called the Lumia 610, the phone is priced at Rs 12,999.
The phone announced back inthe month of February during the Mobile World Congress, and India is one of the first country to get the phone.

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Microsoft to launch Windows Phone Marketplace in 180 countries

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In a bid to carve out its share of the app market,Microsoft recently announced that it would be launching the Windows Phone Marketplace for its Windows 8 phones in 180 countries. The Microsoft blog states that users will be able to browse and download apps at Marketplace when the operating system releases later this year. Currently present in only 63 countries, this move is a big leap, roughly three times the current number, for Microsoft. Meanwhile, developers will be able to submit apps via App Hub from 38 markets.

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Xbox SmartGlass app Coming for Android, iOS And Windows Phone

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The Xbox SmartGlass is basically meant to interact with the content on the TV and also control it.

Microsoft has announced the new Xbox SmartGlass companion app that could turn a phone or tablet into a secondary screen for TV or to a game controller. The Xbox SmartGlass is basically meant to interact with the content on the TV and also control it. The SmartGlass app will be made available on the popular mobile operating systems which includes Windows Phone, iOS and Android.
One can install Xbox SmartGlass on the Android, iOS or Windows Phone devices to use it with the Xbox 360 console. The content exchange takes places in two way street – pushing content to companion app and push content from thecompanion app.

The Xbox SmartGlass App loaded smartphone or tablet can be used as the game controller for the select Xbox platform games supporting that. Also you can you can play your favourite music, video or movie on the device itself using that app. Else you can push the content to a TV connected with the Xbox 360 over wireless connection. In a way, users can get to explorethe Internet on the TV screen.
Apart from that, Xbox SmartGlass app aims to offer richer and interactive screen experiences that can be customised based on what is being aired on the TV. For instance, if you are watching acricket match then you would be able to check and view the player as well as team statistics on your phone or tablet in the SmartGlass app.
For every function to work perfectly, there are two essential things that need to exist – Xbox 360 game console connected to the TV and Wireless Connectivity. With the Xbox SmartGlass app, Microsoft aims to providea converging entertainment experience in the living room. The functionality and features though will likely to differ between Android, iOS and Windows Phone versions of the SmartGlass app.

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Five Apps To Help You Quit Smoking On World Anti-Tobacco Day

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According to a survey by the World Health Organisation (WHO), around 10 million cigarettes are sold worldwide every minute. Unfortunately, many people in today’s world cannot get themselves to quit,despite knowing all about its illeffects. However, there still seems to be hope as new applications aiding the process of quitting are beginning to come up on various platforms.
On World Anti-Tobacco Day, we thought it best to display afew apps that could really benefit all the smokers out there.
1) Livestrong My Quit Coach Lite
This application creates a personalised plan, along with motivational tips and progresscharts, to ensure that you canquit smoking. It helps keep you on track, and even presents you with achievement badges to reward you for the progress made.
Download (iOS, Free)
2) My Last Cigarette – Stop Smoking Stay Quit
In this application, simply enter your smoking habits, and watch as various indicators appear displaying your expected increase in lifespan, your lung function improvement and much more as you embark on your journey to quit smoking.
Download (iOS, $1.99)
3) Quit Smoking by Azati
This quit smoking app acts as a widget on your home screen.To begin with, you will have toenter your gender and your smoking history. Hence forth, every time you have an urge to smoke, click on the big boldred button and key in your urge and stress levels. The app records all the data and presents the progress made through a graph.
Download (Android, Free)
4) QuitNow! by Fewlaps
QuitNow! By Fewlaps is another app that can help yougive up smoking and it comes with several features. It has achat room where people sharetheir experiences, an image gallery that has posters showing the effects of smoking. It also has a log that shows you the time since you have quit and also the money saved.
Download (Android, Free)
5) KickSmoking
This application comes with a timer that records the amount of time you’ve been smoke free, as well the number of cravings resisted and the number of cigarettes avoided. Thus, it takes your mind of the craving by giving you an end goal to focus on instead.
Download (Windows Phone, Free)

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Download: Skype 1.0 (Windows Phone)

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The popular VOIP app finally arrives on Microsoft’s smartphone platform.

Skype has finally landed on the Windows Phone platform, and is now ready to be downloaded from the Marketplace . Although the private betaversion has been available in some countries for the last two months, it was plagued with many bugs.
In this release version for WP though, the developers have ironed out most of the bugs. Theapp allows you to make calls, video chat, and IM other Skype users, for free. Additionally, Skype claims to offers low-cost VOIP calls to landline number. However, it doesn’t let you receive calls while running in the background, which is a downer.
The app is free to download and works over3G and Wi-Fi connections.According to the developer, the WP version of the app is onlycompatible with Windows Phone 7.5 ( Mango ) and above. Therefore, make sure that your handset is running the latest firmware.

Developer: Skype
Version: 1.0
Size: 6 MB
Licence: Freeware
Platform: Windows Phone 7.5 or above

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Download: Photosynth (Windows Phone)

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A free photo-stitching app from Microsoft that helps you create panoramic images.

decent panorama app is over, as Microsoft has finally released the much-awaited photo-stitching app, Photosynth on its very own mobile platform.

Reportedly, Photosynthis the only app that can stitch photos in 360 degrees. It allows users share their creations via Facebook, Twitter, and Bing . Users also get to choose whether to share it as an interactive panorama or an image. The app debuted on the iOS platform last year, and was received very positively. However, WP version was held back due some some API issues, which seem to have been fixed now.

The app is available for free and can be downloaded from WP Marketplace . Make sure you’re running the latest iteration of the OS though, since Marketplaceis no longer available compatible with pre- Mango devices.

Publisher: Microsoft
Size: 1 MB
Licence: Freeware
Platform: Windows Phone 7.5 or higher

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Official BBC Top Gear App Released for Windows Phone

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BBC Top Gear app offers articles, photos, videos and exclusive behind the scene videos.

British Broadcasting Corporation has released a new app purely for automobilefans who also love the show Top Gear. The app, which is currently available for Windows Phone devices, carries reviews, previews, photos, videos and behind thescene contents exclusively for Windows Phone devices.
Top Gear is a British TV showcentred mostly around motor vehicles, and it has just completed a decade. Hosted byJeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, it is available in about 170 different countries. Now, the online content of the show, which was till now only published on BBC’s website, will be available through the official app.
British Broadcasting Corporation has released a new app purely for automobilefans who also love the show Top Gear. The app, which is currently available for Windows Phone devices, carries reviews, previews, photos, videos and behind thescene contents exclusively for Windows Phone devices.
Top Gear app for Windows Phone has been designed withMetro user interface goodness and is meant for anyone interested in automobiles. Previews and reviews of cars can be read on the app. Users can also check out photos and stream videos. The content has been styled to be consumed in a magazine style format and users can download videos for viewing them anytime.

British Broadcasting Corporation has released a new app purely for automobile fans who also love the show Top Gear. The app, which is currently available for Windows Phone devices, carries reviews, previews, photos, videos and behind the scene contents exclusively for Windows Phone devices.
Top Gear app is available for free on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango or better devices from Windows’ marketplace

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No Skype, Angry Birds, PES 2012 On Lumia 610 – potential Deal Breaker?

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Popular apps, such as Angry Birds, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, Skype and even video calling app, Tango have been refusing to install on Nokia’s Lumia 610 smartphone causing concerns over Microsoft’s claims that close to 95 percent of the apps in the market would work on low-end devices.

Windows Phone Apps had posted a hands-on video of the new Nokia Lumia 610 and while the handset was smooth in overall navigation and functionality giving an indication that and 800 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM was more thanenough, it had some major problems installing popular applications. Microsoft had mentioned earlier that only 5 percent of the apps from the market would be incompatible with low-end, budget handsets, but if these 5 percent of apps are surmounting to the most popular ones, then that’sdefinitely not good news.

For those not in the know, here is a quick rundown on the specifications of the Nokia Lumia 610 once again: Display: 3.7-inch LCD display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels Processor: 800 Mhz single core Camera: 5 MP camera Video resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels, 30 fps Internal memory: 8GB RAM: 256 MB USB 2.0 high-speed through micro USB connector NFC 3G, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot Bluetooth wireless technology 2.1 EDR Battery: 1300 mAh

In the current scenario, apps are slowly, but surely gaining a lot of importance for those wanting to get more out of their smartphones. There are chances that developers might need toinclude ‘256 MB of RAM’ devices in their minimum requirement list, but chances that the Apps may not be supported altogether, are pretty high. Games like Angry Birds definitely do not laythe benchmark for what may or may not be termed as a smartphone;but if these apps do not work, they could be a potential concern for those wanting to buy the Lumia 610 and other similar low-budget, WP7 smartphones. We’re stillgiving Microsoft the benefit of doubt, here asthere could plenty of reasons why the apps aren’t working at present. However, if these and other popular apps are permanently unsupported, they may be a potential deal breaker.

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The 5 Biggest Weaknesses Of Windows Phone

Posted on May 9, 2012. Filed under: Technology | Tags: |

Some blatant omissions and issues that plague Microsoft’s mobile OS

Windows Phone (WP) has been at the receiving end ofas much criticism as praise ever since it was launched. While there is no doubt that this is a promising new mobile phone operating system, there are many things glaringly left to be done. We had discussed lastweek about how this new kidon the block will succeed by mentioning five reasons for the same. In this article, we present an alternative perspective about the new OS, where we will state five problems with WP that will make it difficult to succeed against its rivals.
Lack Of Apps
With just over 80,000 apps,the Marketplace is far behind its more experienced competitors. If we even discount the numbers, there are quite a few apps that are found to be missing on this platform. Skype had been missing for quite some time, and although it has just been added, it clearly lacks the fine sse sported by its iOS or Android versions. Opera browser is still not available for this platform, even though it had long been available as Opera Mini as well as Opera Mobile for Windows Mobile platform. Video streaming apps that let you play streaming videos from your computer, directly to the phone, are still missing, with the rare exception of some experimental app called Tversity Remote . With the Windows Mobile Marketplaceshutting down this month, we hope that the company will focus its attention towards the current state of its application store.
No Support For Flash
While many would argue thatthe world is moving towardsHTML5, it is still a fact that almost every video streaming site uses Flash and this should not be ignored. Lacking support forthis API and not implementing a workaround to be able to view streaming videos from such sites leaves a vast majority out in the lurch, while competing mobile OSs such as Android support this feature.
Too Many Restrictions
There are many fields in which unnecessary restrictions have been applied in WP devices. It has Bluetooth that is only useful for streaming audio, but you are not allowed to transfer files to other Bluetooth devices; a limitation shared by the iPhone . Memory card is not supported officially, and you have to depend on the inbuilt storage that is usually 8 or 16 GB. In this age of HD movies and large apps, this space gets filled up before you even notice. Files cannot be drag-and-dropped; you need Zune installed on the computer to which you connect the phoneto be able to do that.
Limited Format Media Playback
Windows Phone devices have a very limited video and audio format support. As mentioned earlier, you can only transfer videos to the phone using Zune software installed on the PC.The format choice is therefore limited to those that are recognised by Zune. You cannot hope to play popular file formats such as MKV and M2TS. HD media playback is also restricted to 720p, and 1080p is still unavailable. While WP devices support DLNA, TV-out has also been largely ignored, so non-DLNA televisions cannot play videos directly from the phone.
Internet Explorer Woes
Internet Explorer in WP devices is no doubt one of the better mobile web browsers at present. It is based on the same core as the desktop version of IE, and hence the better rendering. However, it still has quite a few rough edges to smoothen. The browser does not seem to cache pages as you surf. You can easily notice this on a slower connection when you go from one page to anotherand hit the Back button, onlyto see the previous page being downloaded again. You can bookmark pages, but you cannot save them to view them offline later. The browser does not seem to have a text search feature,leaving you to manually scroll through the text to locate a term.
Windows Phone is a comparatively new platform and we only hope that it will iron out the above issues with the next release of the mobile OS.

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